Ball or Bonbon Trauma

The Basics of the Ball/Bonbon Trauma

From Episode 52:


First let us start with the ball or bonbon trauma, if we want to stick to the tradition of naming the traumas after sweets. This trauma is the most simple in its structure and impact - not that that makes it easy.
This trauma usually happens, if you have a one time event that is traumatic. An example often used it the severe car crash or witnessing the death of someone. An event that most likely changes your life forever.
Of course the ball itself is made of many smaller parts and can be dissolved this way, but the structure of the core trauma is the ball. But the simplicity can also cause problems:
People don’t think that such an event warrants a trauma and start pushing the whole thing aside. Which leads for it to keep pilling things up and the PTSD getting bigger and more difficult to take care of.
Similar to a small operation wound, the recovery time and the toll on the body is greatly underestimated. It is really hard to understand how long things take to heal until you had something like that.
It is - unsurprisingly - the easiest of the three shapes to treat. The sooner - of course - the better. But it really makes it so much easier to have a clear cut out trauma.