Cluster Trauma

Basics of the Cluster Trauma

From Episode 90:


Cluster Trauma
Second, let us get into the highest stage regarding PTSD in my opinion, but the second highest regarding trauma. I am referring to the Cluster Trauma or if we stick to our sweet alternatives: Cotton Candy. This trauma is massive in its shape and size.
And as the name cluster suggest it is an accumulation of traumas ranging from small ball to big ring while being surrounded by a fog sort of accompanying negative experiences and behavior that formed around of it.
A classic example for this would be many months if not years of regularly physical abuse. This cluster is the collection of many years of a high conflict atmosphere, where there was no proper treatment or possibility to deal with what was experienced.
Though this can also escalate from a ring trauma that is too long ignored or at least untreated. As this leads to unhealthy behavior which accumulates bad experience around it and often risky behavior that causes new traumas added to the cluster.
These don’t have to be full trauma, they can be smaller trauma experiences. This escalation usually doesn’t happen from ball trauma - as it is more easily contained and treated.