Ring Trauma

Basics of the Ring Trauma

From Episode 52:


Ring/Donut Trauma
Second is the ring trauma or donut trauma, which is a bit more tricky than the ball trauma. It is sort of the midway between ball and sleeper trauma - at least in its complexity and easiness to find.
You see, the ring trauma applies among other things, when you suddenly get traumatized by something, that happened several times before, but DIDN’T traumatize you. And suddenly you get PTSD.
The ring trauma is several factors connecting with another and forming this core of the trauma. Which makes it a lot harder to come to the conclusion WHY and WHAT is traumatizing you.
There is - as far as I know - no limits to the amount of factors that can be involved, and taking them apart is like disentangling quite a ball of yarn that is a complete mess.
The trick is to take one aspect down after another - basically cut open the ring and work yourself through the line now. Well, more or less a line. It depends on how much those factors are connected to another.
Either way you can usually only solve one aspect at a time. Of course this doesn’t only apply to things, that happened before and didn’t traumatize you, but also things that never happened before or the increase in severity.
In my experience the ring trauma is present for strong PTSD and all C-PTSD cases. The more severe the PTSD the more extreme the Ring Trauma and the more factors added and the extremity of factors changes.
Nonetheless, it is rather helpful to have a house number and know what you are supposed to look for.