Sea Urchin/PTS

Episode 90:


Sea Urchin - PTS
Last we get to the highest stage of trauma experience which I separate from PTSD for myself - as it is so significantly differently to the other trauma shapes and the experience is a league of its own. I am talking about PTS.
The post torture syndrome, that was removed and placed under PTSD. Something I strongly disagree with. While the other shapes are soft or round - this one is the complete opposite. It has spikes - which why I chose sea urchin for this one.
In case anyone hasn’t had a run in with these little bastards: They have the eye of Sauron and when you come too close they direct their long needly spikes toward your direction. Spikes break off easily and are difficult to remove. Not to mention quite painful.
This definition is - of course - also including the non traditionally torture people associate in the media. It is the hardest to handle and to treat. It is unlike any other. Which is one of the reasons I want to specialize on it.
I have to keep it simple for now, but I DO plan to get into it more in detail - but for now I have to leave it at that. Next week we get into the stages and put everything under one order.