My podcast “ Johanna Draconis - The deconstruction of c-PTSD” is my attempt to reach as many people as possible to help them.
It really is meant to make the demon hiding in the shadows visible and tell you how to defeat him. As much I would like, I can’t walk the path for you, but I can show it to you.
The path is the goal. Step by step the impossible becomes possible.
I am a honest person, I will not mince my words, but I do try to not be brutal honest and rather positive. As people need positive encouragement and someone who believes in them.
Especially with depression, PTSD, trauma, etc. the mind becomes a saboteur and it’s really hard to overcome it.
Just to keep on moving is an accomplishment.

Because I want to reach as many people as possible, I try to upload it to as many sources I can find.

I originally intended to follow the chapter I did to conquer my first C-PTSD, but when I realized how dire adn widespread the situation for ressources for people with (C-)PTSD is - I decided to work more broadly and find solutions for each form of trauma.

Nothing is set in stone and I will respond to feedback and adjust accordingly.


You can get the individual episodes, the transcript written out and for download by clicking the page of the individual episode.