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Hello my dears,
My name is Johanna and I suffered from several Traumas. I used to just say I have C-PTSD, because it was the worst and I thought you either had it or not. I no longer see it that way, after my experiences of the last months.
If I counted correctly, I had 3 C-PTSD s (incl. one Post Torture Syndrome, but changed to C-PTSD) and 7 PTSD s. There might be more added with time and some debate regarding if it belong in the first or second category.
And here I thought the white picket fence would keep those things away (sarcasm).
After I was basically left to die, I decided I can give it a shot to try to self therapy… and it worked. My studies in psychology definitely helped, but only through my further studies I gained the extensive knowledge I have now.
After realizing how bad the situation for my fellow traumatized sufferer is, I decided to try to help other people find the path that cured me of my C-PTSD s and PTSD s. Starting with the podcast and if needed therapy.
I differentiate between healing (no longer showing symptoms) and curing (can talk freely about the trauma, as it no longer significantly affects you and feeling a deep sense of peace).

On this website I explain a bit more about myself, the method/therapy I use, PTSD and my podcast of course.

Deconstruct C-PTSD

for a life worth living

I am a big supporter of self-help and I hope I can help many people heal themselves or at least lessen their symptoms, so they can live a life that is actually worth living and not just something you survive.
It is possible, but it is quite a bit of work (depending of the type of trauma, PTSD, C-PTSD, etc.) and determination. Though the most important part is being honest with yourself.

I know how hard it is to get therapy and/or a good therapist for this, though the deficit became way more obvious to me, after I launched the podcast and learned what kind of help was out there.
Contrary to what some believe, you can remove your trauma completely, though it will always a life changing experience - as are positive things, like your first mountain climb, etc.

I am also doing this because I want to people know it is possible to cure yourself, unlike what some people claim. It is like the first person beat mount everest, after that it wasn’t about if, but how.
It is essential that people know it can be beaten and I hope as many people as possible learn that.


If you have any question or need other information or tools to help you out of your situation, please tell me, I am here to help.


(C-)PTSD is something that is hard to get a good grip on. There is the misinformation, the remours, the exagerations and so on.

But knowing - and understanding - (C-)PTSD is crucial in defeating it - as it is an enemy with barely any defenses once exposed

I habe gathered information regarding this topic - be is symptoms, PTS (post torture syndrome), narcissism, triggers, miltiary vs civilian trauma and so on and so forth.


After becoming aware of the horrible situation regarding therapy - be it availibility or behavior of therapist - I choose to offer therapy.

This gives met he opportunity to help people direct and customized support - as barely anyone knows the traumatic landscape as I do.

I have to find yet a situation I didn't found a way out for someone. I been in the dark and thickest of it.

I also listed information about how, support groups and some more.


My Podcast is about the deconstruction of C-PTSD and helping others help themselves. The podcast is meant to give as many people as possible the tools they need to help themselves.

About me

Learn more about me, the host of the podcast.

Who I am, my past, the symptoms I had and if I am sure it is really gone.