Hello my dears,
I am now starting to offer therapy to help more directly, as each story is very individual. I can just help so much better, if I can tailor it to the needs of the person in front of me.

The biggest advantage is though, that I can read you. Which means I hear it in your voice, read it from your body and read between your words.
My ability to read people comes (as I heard it is rather common) from the abuse I suffered and my survival depending on reading my abuser.
It is by no means a perfect system, but helped me greatly in helping others.

This is especially helpful, if the trauma is a bit older and there is an established avoidance routine. The trauma and all its parts hurt. A lot. It is naturally we try to avoid this pain.
But this makes healing a lot harder and often leads to people running in circles around the issue.
It is also helpful with denial. It is hard to figure out on your own, what you are in denial about.

You can always, of course, contact me if you have any questions in that regard or suggestions.